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Anonymous asked:

Venus is becoming extremely down to earth. No Mama drama either xD Her fame isn't decreasing either; I think she's even gaining *more* attention; mostly more positive too! She could of gained lots of the same amount of attention if she stuck with creating drama and etc, but instead took the risk of just being herself without relying on stuff like that, which could have made her easily forgotten, but it worked out in the end so I'm happy for her!


I actually haven’t really paid much attention to her these days but I’ve noticed that she’s been communicating with people a lot more on here (answering asks and stuff) and having fun so I think she’s at a good spot right now.


Anonymous asked:

I really wonder what would happen if venus and dakota ever met Anastasiya Shpagina. That creepy women went to the extremist level in terms of going for the living doll look.

Well there would be quite a language barrier since Anastasiya speaks Russian only, I think? Idk lol.

She seems nice, the only negative things I hear about her is that she might have body dysmorphic disorder. I think she looks pretty cool.

I saw some of the VenusAngelic v. Lupinecat debacle and I just had to make a post because ugh

For Venus — She has a good point, “everybody is different”. So she may not like the idea of having sex at a young age, but she probably wouldn’t judge others for doing it because I think that’s a key point. — “I certainly wouldn’t, but if you did that’s fine” (although Venus didn’t say this explicitly but I’m secretly hoping this is what she was getting at Venus pls tell me this is how you feel about it lol)

It’s not shameful or horrifying to lose ones virginity at a young age (I did it). I don’t condone it (because minors and brain development not 100% done and so on), but it happens, and sexual maturity comes to certain people earlier than others. It’s not a bad thing, it’s nature. At 15, it’s normal if Venus starts to mature that way, but she doesn’t want to take that step, and that’s totally ok. Whatevs. Don’t pressure the girl. I just hope she doesn’t look down on other girls who have already done it.

For Lupinecat — I don’t really think it was her business to ask Venus about her sexual interest, especially in a way that made it seem like Venus’ choices were odd. Just because she lost her virginity at 16, doesn’t mean that she can expect someone else (especially Venus of all people lmao no offense VA) to have a similar experience. Idk it was weird. But yeah, everyone is different. Her choices doesn’t make her less of a person, and Venus’ choices doesn’t make her any better as a person, and vice-versa.

But I really don’t wanna see any more sex-shaming and shit like that. Situations like these are how we get snowflakes who think they’re hot shit because they’re not having sex/wearing revealing clothes/etc etc. What am I saying that’s like, 90% of snowflakes ever.

Ugh even worse is that I heard Taylor Swifts’ “You belong with me” today and it SCREAMS SNOWFLAKE (to me).

So yeah those were my 2cents.


Venus found my post and apologized. I like that she apologized right off the bat and didn’t try to defend herself for something she obviously did. She shouldn’t have phrased the original comment that way, but I have the utmost respect for people who realize their mistakes and apologize (/coffcoff Dakota, take note).

(And Venus, skip on Moscow. Moscow is an urbanized capital, not that much there to see besides the skyline, basically. You can’t go in the Kremlin or the churches most of the time, there’s not much in the way of classical museums or things like that. Saint Petersburg is more historical and artful. Go to the Grand Palace at Peterhof, and especially the gardens behind them. They are 100 times more grand than Versailles over-visited gardens. Just some info from someone who has been to both cities quite a bit. <3 )


Anonymous asked:

The relationship between stress and hair is honestly an old wives tale. Stress can affect hair, but not until a few months later. Being stressed will cause hair to weaken and a few months later it will fall out, it's not an immediate factor and it happens rarely under extreme stress like depression or divorce. One thing that can cause hair to fall out is sudden changes in the diet that cause weight loss...

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